When was the last time you felt this good?

Time for you. Time to re-balance.
Time to refresh.

It is time to take time for yourself. Time to re-balance, to get in tune with life again. Time to be a bit Self-ish. Here in our wonderful Aubenhausen Riding Park, you will get personal attention and learn how, by using simple mindfulness and yoga techniques, you will get back in tune with yourself, feel re-balanced and re-freshed.
Idyllically located in the Alpine foothills
Simple techniques
Time for you

Where it all began

Hi, I am Micaela Werndl. I am a yoga teacher and a mental trainer. It will be my pleasure to develop your physical and mental well-being. I am a passionate dressage rider and mother of Jessica and Benjamin Werndl, who have both found their way into the world’s top dressage riders. In my youth I was a member of the German national ski team and learned at an early age to reduce stress, find inner peace and think positively.

You are unique!

I will design a program to fit your specific needs. Together we will find the yoga elements that are best for you. We will combine yoga exercises with breathing and relaxation techniques. You will become more flexible, stronger and find harmony with yourself.

Get back in harmony with yourself.

Get back in harmony with yourself. At Self-ish we use the yoga concept of ‘Sthira Sukham Asanam’ which means, practicing yoga with strength, in a relaxed manner resulting in harmony with your body. At Self-ish we do not follow strict rules, that is the benefit of our personal approach. We will design the program around you and your wishes.

Self-ish personal yoga is for everyone and all ages.

You can practice yoga in any physical condition and at any age. The rich treasure chest of yoga lets you feel your own body, breathe consciously and relax.

Self-ish is perfect for riders

Our approach to yoga will give you strength and put you back in harmony with your own body. By being in harmony with yourself it is going to be easier to connect with your horse. Yoga improves the fine-tuning of aids and deepens the connection with your horse.

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